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Drop off your pet as early as 7:30 AM Monday - Friday and pick up as late as 6:30 PM. Please see bottom of page for weekend office hours.





Vaccination Policy

All pets must be current on the following vaccines: 

  •   DA2PPv (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus) 
  •   Lepto (Leptosporosis) 
  •   Rabies 
  •   Bordetella (Parainfluenza/ Kennel Cough)  

Canine Influenza

The Canine Influenza Vaccine is not required but STRONGLY suggested to protect YOUR pet from the Canine Influenza Virus. Please keep in mind the nature of a pet boarding/daycare facility may lead to exposure. This especially pertains to elderly pets, pets with underlying health conditions, and puppies. Help us keep your pets safe and in good health by asking your Veterinarian about the Canine Influenza Vaccine. 

More Information

  • Customers are more than welcome to bring their pets food and treats from home. We do offer Hills Science Diet food and treats at no extra cost for boarding and daycare customers. Food and water bowls are also provided.
  • Customers may bring their pets personal bedding and toys to make their stay with us more comfortable. Please be sure to account for all belongings upon picking up your pet.
  • We have two fenced in walking yards so our guests are free to run and play without being leashed. All pets are supervised while outside.
  • Our guests are on a continuous walk rotation and may go outside anywhere between 5- 10 times a day. 
  • We do not currently offer live feed video monitoring but would be more than happy to send pictures and videos to any owner during their pets stay with us. 
  • We do offer exit baths and nail clippings on request. Pricing is based upon size and coat condition. Please contact us for more details.


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Ruston Pet Resort

5605 Hwy 167, Ruston, Louisiana 71270, United States



Office Is Closed on All Major Holidays Including:

April 21, 2019 Easter Day

May 27, 2019 Memorial Day

July 4, 2019 Independence Day

September 2, 2019 Labor Day

November 28, 2019 Thanksgiving Day

December 25, 2019 Christmas Day

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